Head of Cattle

Our cattle are known for finishing at prime and are excellent for restaurants looking for delicious beef to serve their customers. We run registered and commercial Red and Black Angus. All of our cattle are born and finished right here on the ranch, and feed our non-GMO grains and feedstuffs. Our cow herd is built on the highest heritable potential for marbling, muscle growth, maternal ability and docility. With our superior genetics and top notch nutrition, we are able to deliver a high quality product to our customers. 

quarter horses & Hogs

Horses & Hogs

Although we are a cattle dominant ranch, we use our horses for work and pleasure. We raise registered Quarter Horses and take pride in the horses we have. They are of tremendous help as we do the majority of our ranch work on horseback. Our draft team are a way for us to get the chores done and to slow down and smell the roses. We enjoy our horses! 

Our purebred Duroc hogs, like our cattle, are prized for their marbling and meat quality. We market our hogs as freezer pork and show pigs. We were both raised around hogs and enjoy having them around.

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