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For the last 20+ years, we have been raising high quality beef for restuarant-based businesses throughout the country. With over 10,000 acres above the second largest aquifer in the world, the Ogallala aquifer, everything we feed our livestock comes straight from our operation. We are located in the beautiful Sandhills near Bassett, Nebraska.


We run 1,800 head of registered Black and Red Angus cattle focusing on genetics that produce prime beef for our customers. We raise our cattle from birth to finish targeting feed efficiency and quality grades by rigorously managing nutrition and environment.


10 years ago, we incorporated no-till farming and cover crops on the entire farm. We took on the regenerative agriculture approach because we wanted to enhance the productivity of our soils, since it’s the foundation of our operation. Our goal is to increase the organic matter in the soils by .25% each year, by recycling the nutrients through cover crops and rotational grazing. This not only has significantly decreased the amount of herbicide and fertilizer we use, but has increased the water holding capacity for our soils. 


The ranch is located in one of the largest tracts of the tallgrass prairie. With a combination of native rangeland and cropland, there is room for all wildlife. Many people hunt here because of the vast amount of trophy deer, waterfowl, turkey and upland birds in the area. We truly enjoy the different types of wildlife that pass through our ranch on a regular basis.

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We are selling our ranch!

We are selling our beautiful piece of paradise here in the Sandhills of Nebraska. If you’d like to learn more, download a brochure here.



44850 WPA Road
Bassett, NE 68714

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